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Year 6

Year 6 Autumn Term Curriculum - Who Let The Gods Out?

In Year 6 we will be exploring the Ancient Greeks through our topic 'Who Let the Gods Out?'. During the term we will explore the wonders of Greek Mythology, what it was like to live in Ancient Greece and the Trojan War. We will also be exploring more of their love of sculpture through our art work and their amazing food in design and technology. Other areas of learning we will be exploring are coding and creating our own games and 'Where we live!' in French! We will also be preparing the children to perform in Young Voices in the new year through out music curriculum!

 Ooo La La, there is so much happening in Year 6 this term! We are very excited! 

Mrs Burton and Mrs Bradbury

Year 6 Spring Term Curriculum - Mother Nature and Her Earth

Ever been stranded on a desert island? Ever wondered why it's so hot in some countries but not in others? Well Year 6 are going to spend this term exploring Mother Nature and Her Earth alongside reading Michael Morpurgo's captivating novel 'Kensuke's Kingdom'. Throughout the term we will explore a range of geography from Longitude and Latitude to coastal erosion giving our children to see the world like they never have done before. In Art, we will take inspiration from our focus text and created some amazing sketches whilst in Science we will delve deeper into the world of Light. There really is so much to be learning so everyday will be jam packed! Not to forget that VERY exciting trip to Young Voices coming up to show off our singing skills and also a special trip to the great outdoors to learn more about bushcraft and survival skills - Just like Michael in our book! 

It's going to be so much fun Year 6!

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