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Year 4

Autumn Term Curriculum 


Beyond Ourselves

This term, our theme is 'Beyond Ourselves'! We are learning about Europe, building on our learning from Year 3 (when the children learnt about the United Kingdom). We are also looking at the different countries and describing their similarities and differences. In Science, we have started to look at states of matter and electricity. Over this term, we are studying the artists Stephen Wiltshire. We will be creating our own sketches of a famous buildings within Europe and making our own structures for a purpose. In music, we will be learning all about ABBA and performing some of their most famous songs through singing instruments.


Spring Term Curriculum 


All Things Great and Small

This term, our theme is “All Things Great and Small”! We will be learning about rivers and mountains, linking to our previous knowledge about the topographical features within the U.K. We will be building on this by exploring why rivers and mountains are key aspects of physical geography and even carrying out some fieldwork around the features of the River Meden. In science, we will be learning about animals including humans and living things and their habitats, so keep an eye out for those creepy crawlies! Throughout the term, we will be studying pilgrimages within R.E and even going on a virtual pilgrimage to immerse ourselves in our work. In Art, we are focusing on refining our textiles skills and will be creating our own fantasy setting using a range of different materials and techniques. 

Summer Term Curriculum 


Should I stay or should I go

This term, our theme is "Should I stay or should I go"! In history, we will be learning about the Vikings, Romans and Anglo- Saxons. We will look at their connection to Britain, where they came from, and how they decided where to settle. In science, we will be learning about sound. We will look at how sounds are made and how they travel, as well as look at pitch and how distance affects sound. Over the term, we will be exploring sculpture with clay and tying it into our history unit to look at Viking art. In music, we will be looking at different singing techniques and even composing our own rap songs. We can't wait!

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