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Year 5

Autumn Term Curriculum 


What Shapes Our World

We are doing some brilliant learning in Year 5 this term, which is mostly based around our topic: World War II.  As part of this unit, we have visited the primary exhibit ‘The Journey’ at the Holocaust Centre, which was all about a child’s journey during World War II.  This will help us understand how children felt during the war for our evacuee day. Our writing is based on diary entries to show our understanding of this.  In science, we are learning about materials and their properties and investigating suitable materials used in the war.  We will also be looking at propaganda in our art lessons too!


Spring Term Curriculum 


What A Wonderful World!

We are doing some brilliant learning in Year 5 this term, which is mostly based around our topic: what a wonderful world!  This unit will be geography-based and will allow the children to develop a greater understanding of the world and how humans have an impact. As part of this unit, we will be exploring our local environment through a Field Study Day to gain a better understanding of how the land is used and the impact we, as humans, have on it. We are also hoping to invite Mansfield Theatre into school to provide a workshop which will help the children understand different characters in our novel ‘Holes’. Our writing will be a film narrative based on the short film ‘Egghunt’.  In science, we are learning about living things and their habitats: the children will learn about different life cycles and be able to compare them.  In the first half of spring term we will be learning different dances from around the world in our P.E lessons and will be then heading outside to learn cricket in the second - we would like parents to join us at the end of this unit for a match, if you’re game!  We will be cooking using seasonal foods and will be creating an animal collage in art.

Summer Term Curriculum


Out Of This World!

During the Summer term, Year 5’s theme is ‘Out of this World’.  We will be learning all about the planets, the Earth and the moon before moving onto lots of investigations into forces in the second half of the term.  We will be visiting the Space Centre this term to help us with our learning about space, while we are there we will also conduct market research for our DT unit. In DT, we will be creating a space themed product, which could be sold at the Space Centre gift shop and spending lots of time investigating, designing, making and evaluating our products.  We will be learning how to write non-chronological reports and writing creatively using our class book 'The Creakers'! Our main P.E. unit is tennis this half term, we will then be moving onto our Olympics unit so we can be prepared for sports day!  We have got so much to pack into our last weeks in Year 5 (including our residential!), so we are going to be very busy.  Hopefully, we will have lots of fun too!

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