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Year 3

Autumn Term Curriculum 


Going Underground

In the Autumn term our topic is Going Underground.  We are looking at how Britain changed through the Stone Age and Iron Age. Our trip will be to Cresswell Crags in November. In our Science we are focusing on plants and what makes them grow well and different types of rocks.  We have also started to learn some French phrases to be able to talk about ourselves and others in French. Our book this half term is Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura.



Spring Term Curriculum 


All Around Us

In the Spring term our topic is All Around Us.  We will be learning about our locality, what makes up the UK and the physical and human features.  We will spend time looking at maps and using compass directions.  We will think about the weather in the UK and how to measure it.   In our Science work we will be exploring forces and magnets and thinking about light.  We will also be investigating kites in DT linked to our Science.  In Art we will be focusing on collage.  In PE we are learning to skip in different ways and working on gymnastic moves.  Our RSHE work this term thinks about what families are like and what makes a community.  We would love to see parents and carers in school on Wednesday 20th March at 9am to share our learning this term.



Summer Term Curriculum 


Inside Out

In the Summer term our topic is Inside Out.  We will be learning about our bodies,  skeletons, the different food groups and what a healthy diet looks like.  We will also be thinking about what makes plants grow well and the life cycle of plants.  On Wednesday 1st May we will be visiting White Post Farm to learn about the diet and needs of different animals.  

In PE we will be focusing on throwing and catching and athletic skills ready for Sports Day!  We are also swimming every Thursday.  Our French topics this term are Our School and Time, building on our learning so far this year.  We would love to see parents and carers in school on Monday 15th July at 2.15 pm to share our learning this term - we're sure there will be lots for your child to show off!

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